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Premier Junior Best Three Females WDE, Madison 2014

Premier Junior Best Three Females WDE, Madison 2014

Premier Junior Breeder and Exhibitor WDE, Madsion 2014
Premier Breeder Herd Royal 2014
Premier EhibitorRoyal 2014

Deslacs Barbwire Almira Red
4th Junior Calf Royal 2014
3rd Junior Calf  Supreme Dairy Show2014
10th Junior Calf WDE, Madison 2014

Deslacs Chipper Cat Red
1st Senior Calf Supreme Dairy Show 2014
5th Senior Calf Royal 2014

Oguilantin GT Hvezda Elody Red
4th Summer Yrlg R&W Royal 2014
2nd Summer Yrlg R&W Supreme Dairy Show 2014
6th Summer Yrlg R&W WDE, Madison 2014
Owned with Donald Dubois & France Lemieux

Deslacs Barbwire Libia Red
1st Junior Yrlg R&W Supreme Dairy Show 2014
5th Junior R&W Yrlg Royal 2014

Deslacs Hvezda Ariane-Red
3rd Junior Yrlg WDE, Madison 2014
Now owned by Tyler J. Meyer, Wisconsin

Deslacs Hvezda Aslana Red
3rd Junior Yrlg Supreme Dairy Show 2014
10th Junior Yrlg WDE, Madison 2014

Deslacs Talent Alyana Red
2nd Milking Yrlg  Royal 2014
1st Milking Yrlg Supreme Dairy Show 2014

Deslacs Contender Antille Red
1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old Supreme Dairy Show 2014
3rd Sr. 2-Yr-Old Royal 2014

Deslacs Touchdown Em Red VG-86 2Yr
3rd Sr. 3-Yr-Old Supreme Dairy Show 2014

Sunnylodge M B Gabrielle EX-93 2E
2nd Mature Cow Supreme Dairy Show 2014
Owned with Ferme Fleury

Vote for Alicia, 2014 My Favorite Cow Finalist

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